Friday Music Funtime

This is what I’ve mostly been listening to this week: Drenge – Undertow: Grungey, shoegazey, introspective, but raw. Listen…


41 Things Those With Depression Want You to Know

This is a pretty good précis of what’s going on up in the old swede most of the time. Have a read.

The Blurt Foundation is always worth a look as well. They have some very helpful stuff on there.

Straw Men

Depression, Suicide, Arseholes, and Straw Men

I’ve just read this blog post by Johnny Gabriel about his brother’s suicide. It moved me to tears, especially…

Modern Toss

Back to Work

Image courtesy of Modern Toss I’m back at work. Full time. Having tried the phased approach a…

Mental Health - On Fire

Frustrations with Mental Health

Recently, two members of our household of four have been suffering from mental health issues, me being…

Dead Posh Fish Fingers, Chips , and Garlic Mayo

[Recipe] Dead Posh Fish Fingers, Chips and Garlic Mayo

A food staple of mine while ‘studying’ at university was the fish finger sandwich. Of course, then…


Mental Health

When we’re travelling through the darkness, we’re supposed to look to the light at the end of…



Comics and I have an interesting relationship. I’ve been through phases in my life where I exclusively…


Alvvays @ The Bodega

It was a day of firsts, yesterday. It was my first time at the Bodega Social Club…