New Year's Eve Barbecue


I’m not really into the whole New Year’s resolution thing. I think if you’re going to do…

Boy with books

Would You Read This?

I’m nearly there I think, with my manuscript almost ready to pitch to agents. I’m just polishing…

The Genre Fountain

A very interesting piece on classifying literature with genre, and why it’s a shit thing to do.

Hare and gone

I’ve wondered about this story for years, having regularly visited this part of the Chase. It just…



I am stuck.

Need a big piece of paper and some crayons. I think I can work it out then. Sadly, being at work, that’s not an option right now.

Ho hum, I await my train journey with anxious excitement.

On Swearing

Last Friday evening I met my learned friend and actual proper author, Jay Stringer, for ale and…

[Short Story] The Box

I wrote this last week. It’s a sci-fi/urban fantasy styled short story.

Back to the Drawing Board

Just spent the last week furiously scrawling down notes for what I thought was an amazing idea…