Straw Men

Depression, Suicide, Arseholes, and Straw Men

I’ve just read this blog post by Johnny Gabriel about his brother’s suicide. It moved me to tears, especially this part in which his father gives a speech at his brother’s funeral:

The second thing my father said was that if anybody ever feels low, feels sad or feels depressed to speak to somebody. That nobody should ever feel too proud, or too ashamed, to admit that they need help. And that everybody should be prepared to listen if somebody needs to talk about how they are feeling.

I arrived at it via this open tweet to the cretinous sack of fame-desperate shit that is ‘Dapper Laughs’. I shan’t link to any of his wankery. You either know what he is or you don’t. If you don’t then count yourself lucky to be ignorant in this case.

The short version is that he’s an awful clap-ridden parasite, capitalising on the ‘LAD’ culture that’s been on the rise since the 90s and appears to have reached peak-BANTS recently. You know what I mean, white dudes of various ages being despicable shitehawks to each other, misogynists, and often racists as well, but writing it all off in the name of ‘humour’. Fucking hilarious boys, Jim Davidson DVDs are over there. The rest of us moved on since the 70s. He was in the news a while back because even ITV decided his TV show concept was too low-brow and misogynist to air. Think about that for a second. ITV.

Anyway, as is ever the way, the scum eventually floats back to the top and he’s been in the news again. This time he launched a clone of one of these ‘viral’ websites you see all over Farcebook, where every post is rehashed content from every other one in some great human centipede of utter toss. Seems he got it spot on, because all of the content was scraped from elsewhere. The Grauniad ran a silly piece calling him out and it promptly disappeared. Since then he’s been crying victim. Wah, wah, all the journalists are ganging up on him.

Why do I give a shit? Well, he posted this:


And you know what, fuck him.

I’m not going to be as polite as Johnny was, because he’s not serious. He’s a piece of shit using straw man arguments to rouse his Carling-swigging mob of bell-ends into some kind of sympathy frenzy. He’s now using suicide and mental health as a crutch to defend the misogyny and ableism he’s used to get his fifteen minutes of fame.

This is the point I continually make over and over about empathy and thinking before you speak. Especially in a broadcast tool like Twitter. The more that fucknuts like this trivialise things like suicide in young men, to the very young men who are at risk, the further away from getting it under control we are.

I’m not just talking about men here at all by the way. It’s still difficult enough to be taken seriously about mental health, hell, it’s hard to bring it up at all in some contexts. I imagine it’s at least as difficult for women as it is for men, but statistically, men just don’t do it. Hence the 77% of suicides per year being men. This is bullshit. It should be as taboo as talking about spraining your ankle, or having a tonsil out. It’s an illness, not a weakness. We’re people, not monsters. If we were more free to talk about it without being lampooned, or just ignored, we could prevent these deaths.

So yeah, fuck you Dapper Laughs. If you want to be famous for something, do something good. You’ve got the platform, use it. You won’t though, because you’re a greedy fame-whore with no discernible talent.


No, I don’t think it’s ok for him to be getting a load of stupid spiteful remarks about him killing himself on Twitter. That’s ridiculous and hypocritical.

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