Men’s Rights Activists

The Men’s Rights Movement, summed up in a dialogue.

MRA: Mommy, mommy, I want that ball

MOM: You already have a ball dear, a nice blue one

MRA: I want that ball!

MOM: That’s your sister’s ball

MRA: I want it!

MOM: But you already have your own

MRA: But she has that red one. It’s not fair!

MOM: But we already bought you a ball. And a bike. And a computer. And a dog, an air rifle, a bag of nachos, the entire boxset of The Wire, a branch of KFC, a Range Rover, a Faberge Egg, the keys to the city of Bristol, a steam train, and Brazil…

MRA: but I want her ball!

MOM: Now come on, be fair

MRA: I’ll stab her, the ball stealing slut

3 thoughts on “Men’s Rights Activists

  1. I would say it’s funny because it’s true but it’s bloody depressing because it’s true is actually more accurate 🙁

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