WANTED: Beta Readers – Please Help


I’ve finished my first draft, and refined it into what I’m calling the Second Draft. Catchy, I know. I am going blind from fiddling with it, as it were, and now I need YOU!

I’m after a few willing victi- er… volunteers to beta read this for me, while I take a break from this particular story. As my mother always said, if you keep picking at it, it’ll never get better.

So I hand it over to you, the reader, to dissect it and find all the crap I missed.It’s ostensibly a fantasy novel, though very light, not Tolkien-esque high fantasy. It follows the story of Rorick of Iverley, the second best con artist in Eorva and his quest to defraud as many people as possible. At its roots it is a light-hearted heist story with lots of swashbuckling, swindling and swearing. (I need to work on my synopsis, I know).

I’m especially interested in the thoughts of those of you who perhaps aren’t fantasy nerds. My mission is to kind of create a fun and engaging story, with relatable themes that just happens to be set in a fantasy universe.

All I need you to do, is read it and give me your thoughts. If you find something you consider crap, a massive plot hole, a character that is just so two-dimensional you can’t see her from the side, write it down. When you’re done, if you can bear to make it through to the end, send me your brutal honesty and I will weep into my Old Fashioneds, and then revise it accordingly.

If you’re interested, reply in the comments, hit me up on Twatter (@crazygibbon), Farcebook (If you know, you know me), or email me (andy [dot] m [dot] cowley [at] gmail [dot] com)Thanks kids

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