We’re All In This Together

We live in a classless society, or so I’m told. I can understand why people think that. After all, we’re all middle class nowadays aren’t we? We’ve all got a telly and a smartphone, a laptop or a table device. We’ve all got the right to vote and anyone can put themself forward for political candidacy. Free education and healthcare, police and fire service. We’re all middle class.

Oh, except the Royal Family, obviously. Hereditary sovereign of the nation and relatives. But they don’t really count do they? They’re just a living museum piece. So disregard them.

And of course, there’s the aristocracy. They get awarded honours arbitrarily and then get to sit in the second house of government and debate things, despite having not been elected. But they’re just an anachronism, they don’t have any real power. So we can disregard them as well.

Then there’s the politicians. But then, they’re lay people, voted in by you and I. Anyone might end up in government. Well sort of. I mean, it’s not like any of the main political parties deliberately air-drop candidates into safe seats to ensure they get elected should the party take power. That would never happen. It’s not like the political ‘elite’ themselves are carved into front and back-benchers, the worthy and the unworthy. No, it’s all sensible, fair, meritocratic and above board. So, that doesn’t set them aside from us. So we can disregard them, they’re just another example of us.

Then, I suppose, we’ve got homeless folk, and those on benefits. I suppose if we think about it, they don’t really have all of the things we have. We can’t really consider them the same us can we? They aren’t really middle class. Besides, they aren’t ‘Hardworking Families’, they’re just scroungers and dossers. So we can disregard them.

The worst of the scroungers of course are the working poor. They have jobs AND claim benefits! The tenacity! Well, they certainly can’t be ‘Hardworking Families’. Some of them are single parents for heaven’s sake! So, we can disregard them.

So yes, when we look at it like that, we are living in a classless society. We’re all middle class these days.

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