And So, The Great First Edit Begins

Track Changes is turned on and my delete key is primed. I have started the first edit of my first draft. It’s really quite cathartic. Spelling mistakes are destroyed, inconsistencies quenched, and clumsy paragraphs culled.

Without trying to sound like a cock, I’m quite pleased with how readable it is, once the glaring faults have been destroyed. There are some hilarious typos and cock-ups though. This will be a glorious learning experience, I feel.

I even have a working title, though I’m not massively over-enamoured with it: “A WINTER SONG”. It kind of sounds like something George R. R. Martin would come up with, which it really ain’t.

Anyway, I shall be begging sooner or later for beta readers, so shout up if you fancy a bit of witty swagger about your swashbuckling fantasy.

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