Words that can rot in the fiery pits of hell, from whence they came

Everyone has to work for a living (well, except politicians and the Royal Family), and unless you are exceptionally lucky, work sucks to some extent or other. Mostly it’s the build up of little irritations I find. One that really winds me up though is the superfluous use of language. You are at work, trying to communicate with other beings, you should really be doing such with clarity. Style, nuance and flamboyance have no business here, unless you happen to be in creative writing. For most folk though, so much confusion could be avoided by just speaking clearly.

Here is a list of things that have annoyed me today (I work in IT, though I imagine some of these are universal):

  • Proactive
  • Leverage (as a verb)
  • Challenge (when one means MASSIVE COCK-BURSTING FUCK UP)
  • Diarise
  • Value-Add (as a noun)
  • Myself (when you mean either ‘me’ or ‘I’)
  • Action / Progress (as a verb, when you simply mean ‘do’)
  • Reference (as a verb, ‘refer to’ is both shorter and correct)
  • Moving forward / Going forward
  • Joined-up thinking
  • Piece (as a fragment of ‘piece of work’)
  • Author (as a verb)
  • Articulate (when you mean ‘say’)

In fact, let’s all just agree to stop trying to sound clever, which one rarely does, at the expense of clarity. It would make the world that little bit better. Think of all of the extra life you’ll regain with more meaningful and succinct sentences…

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