Self Imposed Constraints

Creatively, I’ve backed myself into a corner. Well, a self-imposed corner. I called my band 8-Bit Ninjas. The original mission was to use video game sounds to make pop music. I started mucking about with it in 2008 and recorded some stuff, recruited a bassist and we took it live. We had some great fun for a couple of years and I was quite prolific with writing. We released an EP, I even almost broke even on it. As fun as chiptunes are however, I’ve run dry.

I tend to strive on novelty. If I’m not changing up what I’m doing all the time, I get bored. I still enjoy writing music, and I don’t want 8-Bit Ninjas to die – even though it’s currently just me – but I haven’t any motivation to write new material. Not in that style anyway. The name however, sort of implies chiptunes.

I’m going to meet up with some folk in the next couple of months who are also at a creative loose-end. We’re going to get in a rehearsal room somewhere, set up some equipment and jam a bit. I’m excited to see where this goes, because, despite 8-Bit Ninjas being a two-piece historically, creatively it was my work, and I haven’t worked with a musician to compose or produce music now for years. The question is however, whether I abandon 8-Bit Ninjas, either temporarily or permanently, or whether, with the other folks’ agreement of course, we continue the journey in a slightly different boat…

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