Under Motivated

I’m struggling at the moment. Struggling with time and with motivation. I’ve been banging music reviews out at quite a rate, I enjoy doing them. I like to get busy with the hyperbole and oddly enough, writing factually gets my brain working in a creative sense. My mind is a live with all sorts of threads and I have a couple of short stories I know how to finish. I’m just struggling to find the motivation to complete them. I really want to complete them and show them to you, but I can’t find the zone. Anyone have any pointers?

One thought on “Under Motivated

  1. No real secret recipe to motivation. Much like “writers write,” it’s one of the things that separates the people at parties who want to tell you all about the books “they will write one day when they have the time” from the people there who are talking about the books they’ve written.

    One key though is FUN. You’re more likely to be motivated to sit and write if it’s something you’re enjoying. Sometimes a lack of motivation is simply a lack of motivation, other times it’s your creative brain telling you it want’s to be focusing on something else. So make sure that you’re sitting down to tell the story you most want to tell, and that it’s something you would really want to read. Because you can’t read it if you don’t don’t write it.

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