And for my first lesson

I may as well start with a good ‘un. My esteemed friend and actual real author and everything, Jay Stringer, blogged a blog at the venerable “Do Some Damage,” about writing as he often is wont. This blogged contained within it a lovely diatribe on the subject of writer’s block and why he thinks it is a misnomer. It’s something that has resonated very strongly with me. The long and short of it if you’re too lazy to read that very good post (and very good blog in general), is that writing isn’t just the act of committing words to paper, or to word processor, no, it is much more than that. It’s storming, forming, drafting, redrafting, chucking out the crap and keeping the nice bits. A lot of writing is actually typing yes, but most of it is done in your head. Sitting for hours staring at a wall is ok folks, the writing is just happening in your head. Jay puts it beautifully so read it, it’s worth it.

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