30-Day Song Challenge – Game Over

I’m not enjoying this at all sorry. I was to start with but not any more. The challenge I mean. It’s all a bit forced and unnatural. I’m intending to start concentrating back on the Top Ten and My Life in Music, they were much more fun. I’m going to cap it off with some stuff I’ve been listening to recently that I think you should hear:

Little Dragon – Ritual Union

Sorry I haven’t embedded it, it’s a bit complicated from here. Lovely tune from a lovely album. A relaxed, metered pop song with some very interesting sounds floating about from a sound nerd point of view. I love the delay effect on the drums, very tasty.

Tom Vek – Aroused

A bit more lively for you, the video is supposed to be a parody of marketing making smoking look cool, or something. Makes me feel a bit ill but there you go. I love the riff in the chorus for this, the question-and-answer instrumentation of it, all very clever, especially the use of space. Got me feeling all creative after hearing it any way.

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