30-Day Song Challenge – Day 11

I’ve had a sabbatical from all of this, the blog, the challenge, writing stuff on the internet. It’s for no reason other than, I’m lazy. You’ll see many a flounce on the Twitters or the Facespaces, people “quitting” and “deleting my account,” usually for very childish reasons. I’m just a lazy person.

Any way, that out of the way, I thought I’d continue this and a few other things I’d started on here. Today’s song is:

A Song from my Favourite Band

Er… Well… Favourite band eh? Good grief that’s a massive question. Favourite bands come and go surely, when I was about six years old, I imagine it would have been Michael Jackson; by the age of eleven, I imagine it was Iron Maiden; in my teens maybe Green Day or Ned’s Atomic Dustbin; University years, R.E.M. or something like that. What about now though? This took a lot of thought, but when I come down to it, the band I respect the most and have been most faithful to, and indeed have led me kicking and screaming through all sorts of genre-switching and flights into lands I never thought I’d see is Radiohead. The Marmite of music, no the Marmite of music that changed its flavour entirely halfway through its career. The Marmite of music which alienated many of its loyal fans on the release of the entirely left-field Kid A. Not many people have a view of Radiohead that isn’t extreme, their followers are zealots in the main, their detractors, haters. Many people fixate on the gloomy atmosphere and doom-laden name they have for themselves. I’ve never got it. Really. Thom Yorke might not be known for his positive lyrics (or love of Tony Blair), but tunes like “Anyone Can Play Guitar,” “Just,” “Idiotheque,” are more anthemic and upbeat than half of the stuff that those people tend to hold dear. Any way, I don’t want to be bitchy about it, just think it’s a weak argument. I love Radiohead because of their work ethic, boundary pushing, musicianship, bravery in trying things they know people are going to dislike. I’m dead against bands that try and pander to the industry, the press and the fans. They are artists and thus should be producing art. If they’re doing it to squeeze profits out of people, in my view, they are no longer artists, they are product designers in a musak factory. I’ve found Radiohead to be inspirational at every stage of their career, but if they release something I don’t like, I’ll say it, I won’t like it for the sake of it.

Any way, I’m choosing Paranoid Android for this from OK Computer

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