30-Day Song Challenge – Day 8

Today’s is quite apt really. I’ve had one of those days where I’ve had a hundred problems to fix and not enough time to do it. What I tend to do in these situations is sing in my head. I’ve had a very specific song in my head all day and I guess that one fits today’s challenge quite well, as I know all the words.

A Song You Know All of the Words To

This song, I guess, is pretty significant in my life. It marks a turning point for me, one that I didn’t pick up on for several years, but definitely one in which the seed was sewn. I had always been self-conscious of my singing voice; Most probably down to been told I was abysmal by my primary school teacher and physically lifted and thrown out of choir in secondary school. Not being one to be put off though, I went on a voyage of self-improvement. I refused to believe, probably wrongly, that it was impossible to learn to sing, and thus began to work out where I’d gone wrong. What aided this was my desire to learn to play guitar. I was already a fairly competent drummer so I started to learn guitar as well. Playing guitar is all very well, but I wanted to sing along to my favourite songs as well, so I started to really listen to what I was doing. In true Cowley form, I eventually worked out what the fault part was and compensated for it. I was still crap but I was getting closer.
When I was about 17 or 18 I started to play a few acoustic tunes with my friends Stu. He leading and me playing rhythm guitar. He asked me to do a few backing vocals, which I eventually worked out and we did a few gigs and open mic nights. One evening, for a Christmas show, we decided to do a few tracks inbetween the main band, which we also played for’s set. Stu decided he wanted to cover the track in question. Crowded House are annoying for the amateur musician to cover; Neil Finn is a prolific and talented songwriter and most importantly, he loves his harmonies. So we were to cover “Weather With You” by Crowded House. I really love this song, it’s well written, lovely simple lyrics, nice tune, makes me remember the summer every time. However, it’s right on the very edge of my range! SO a challenge then! I spent long, long hours practising this, and we pulled it off really well. That was the point at which I decided I’d made my voice at least passable. It was a long time before I tried fronting a band though even so. Oh, and obviously I know all the words!

Walking ’round the room singing Stormy Weather
at 57 Mount Pleasant Street
Now it’s the same room but everything’s different
You can fight the sleep but not the dream

Things ain’t cookin’ in my kitchen
Strange affliction wash over me
Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire
Couldn’t conquer the blue sky

There’s a small boat made of china
It’s going nowhere on the mantlepiece

Do I lie like a loungeroom lizard
Or do I sing like a bird released

Everywhere you go you always take the weather with you
Everywhere you go you always take the weather
Everywhere you go you always take the weather with you
Everywhere you go you always take the weather,
Take the weather, the weather with you

I’ll add the video later as I’m on my mobile :O

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