30-Day Song Challenge – Day 7

I’m actually finding this whole thing quite difficult if I’m honest. I’m enjoying though nonetheless. I’m going for quite an obscure event in my life, one of very little consequence really, but one that I always remember vividly when hearing this song. When I was at university, I joined MUSOC, the Musician’s Society. Well, “musicians” is probably a loose term. It was where all the budding guitarists, bassist and drummers etc. met and formed bands. This I did, a few times! On the the third try however, we formed “The Ugly Children”, a nu-metal/hardcore band and aptly named too. We did all sorts of stuff, covers, originals, Atomic Kitten parodies…

A Song That Reminds You of a Certain Event

The culmination of MUSOC’s year was Free Fest. A one-day festival outside the student union, which showcased the auditioned best of MUSOC’s innumerable bands. We were sogood, we were billed second. We played seven tracks I think, two untitled ones we wrote, a cover of “Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja” by Lostprophets, a cover of “Ace of Spades” by Motorhead, a cover of the Faith No More version of “Easy Like Sunday Morning” and a parody of “Whole Again” by Atomic Kitten called “You Can Lick My Hole Again”, well yes you can imagine. Ironically, none of these tracks are the song I’m referring to in this piece. I had each one of the covers/parodies on my first ever MP3 player, an LG thingy with 64MB of space on an MMC card. You could just about get an album on it with low bitrate encoding. I had a bit of space at the end so I whacked on a few tunes I liked at the time. One of which was a track I’d heard on MTV that Easter. I’d never heard of Rival Schools or Quicksand, the band that spawned them, but when I heard “Used For Glue” I was hooked. Very simple song, but so emotional. Rival Schools were what i remember “emo” being before the floppy haired kids stole it. Like the smelly metallers stole “grebo” from the Stourbridge dance rock scene of the 90s. “Used for Glue” was from the 2001 album “United by Fate”, which is one of my favourite albums of the decade. You should check it out if you have chance. Great band, sadly no more I don’t think. I have a bootleg copy of an unmixed/unmastered album they never released which would have been a follow up. It’s nowhere near as good as “United by Fate” which, I guess, could well have been a reason for the split.

So there you have it, despite it’s tentative connection, every time I hear this song, I’m reminded of Free Fest 2001, “Used for Glue” by Rival Schools:

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