30-Day Song Challenge – Day 6

So, second of three posts for today. This is painful over this phone connection you know!

Day 6 is actually quite difficult. I don’t know why, plenty of songs remind me of places but I guess the memory is always triggered the other way around. I hear the song, I think of the place, this is a bit different. However, one has just popped into my head from many a year ago. When I was at school I was in RAF cadets in the Combined Cadet Force. I can’t remember exactly, but I think you joined when you were in the third year, so the modern year 9. In the summer each year there would be a camp at an RAF base, so in 1995 I went to my first RAF camp. Many things happen at RAF camp, parading, running around, shooting, flying, shouting, team-building, running around fields in the dark, that sort of thing. Well, that’s the official stuff, off time is spent trashing the barrack-blocks off one’s titties on sweets from the NAAFI.

A Song that reminds you of somewhere

So 1995, RAF St. Athan, mid-Wales, cadets Cowley, Beech and Andrews are on their first camp and have attached themselves to a chap who’s name I can’t remember, just his nickname, Coffee. He was a few years older than us and of course, amazingly cool and wise and other such poppycock a 14 year-old believes. Until this point, I’d pretty much exclusively listened rock, metal, punk and the like. Coffee showed us that dance music could be cool too. Under his mentoring, we learned of mystical “raves” and how they were becoming less cool, of dance/rock crossovers like Pop Will Eat Itself, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin and Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine and of “bangin’ tunes”. However, the song we listened to most that week, for him to illustrate the correct behaviour when listening to dance music, was “Set you Free” by N-Trance. I still love this tune, as I said, sucker for a minor key. It’s well paced, well structured, has something to sing along to, and an utterly brutal hook. Classic example of commercial 90s dance music, but at the same time, everyone remembers this. I don’t know many people from any background that don’t like it either.

“Set You Free” – N-Trance:

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