30-Day Song Challenge – Day 10

A song that makes me fall asleep? Erm, I don’t think anything specifically causes spontaneous narcolepsy. Or perhaps I just don’t remember… I guess for this one then I’m going to have to interpret it slightly differently. Instead of a song that makes you fall asleep, I’m going to do a song I like to fall asleep to. I’m sure you know Kings of COnvenience, beautiful acoustic music with the smooth and silky voice of Erlend Øye. Well, Erlend decided one day he wanted to make something altogether more danceable and formed The Whitest Boy Alive.

A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep, or in This Case, That You Like to Fall Alseep to

I got into The Whitest Boy Alive before I got into Kings of Convenience actually. I bought the album “Rules,” their second, because I liked the cover. The artwork by Geoff McFetridge reminded me a little of David Shrigley. I get it home and find that I have bought some of the funkiest, most smooth, chilled out music I’ve ever heard. No over the top production, very simple, one guitar, one bass, a drummer and a Rhodes. Each pannned to the same point in each track as if you were watching them on stage. They don’t feel the need to fill every available place with noise, this is music that is beautiful in its simplicity. The use of space and interplay between each instrument is sublime and again, simple as it could be. To be honest, I’d put the whole album on to go to sleep to, but this is about a song so I’m going to choose “Courage,” a perfect example of all of these wonderful attributes and of course, the amazing, dreamy voice of Erlend Øye.

The Whitest Boy Alive – Courage

(I have no idea what this video is like as I’m still awaiting interwebz connectivity)

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