30-Day Song Challenge – Day 4

I’ve thought long and hard about this one and it’s been tricky. I could easily have gone for Saeglopur again on this one, the chord progression almost brings me to tears, it’s brutal. I also nearly chose “Rialto” by Laura Veirs, very wistful and melancholy. Makes me long for the sea again. The song I chose though, I chose for a couple of reasons…

A Song That Makes You Sad

I’m choosing “Kids” by MGMT for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s another very dramatically melancholic chord progression. The synth lines are all spiralling into a maelstrom of longing and almost despair. I’m a sucker for a minor key, what can I say! Secondly, it reminds me of a very happy time in my life that was shortly turned into a very unhappy time in my life. I’m over it all now, but for quite a while I couldn’t even listen to the song. Thirdly, and perhaps slightly controversially, MGMT became one massive disappointment for me. I loved this song, and “Time to Pretend” and thus had high hopes for the album, which turned out to be a big bowlful of art-wank, with barely three worthwhile tracks on it. Now I’m not saying that art in music is wrong, I’m just saying there’s being clever, and there’s simply being obtuse. MGMT managed the latter. This was the confounded and exacerbated by the joke of a live performance. Dull, pretentious, pompous, and other words of that nature. Boring I think sums it up. I saw them twice as well! The final kick in the teeth for me was when they mimed to “Kids.” Dishonest as well. I bought the second album, can’t remember the name, listened to it once, utterly forgettable.
However, I’m not pompous enough to pretend I don’t like this track, it’s still awesome, it just makes me sad for several reasons, so here it is:

MGMT – “Kids”

PS – I hope this is the correct video, I’m on my phone so it may not be 😀

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