30-Day Song Challenge – Day 2

Today’s challenge is actually more difficult than perhaps it first sounds. “Your least favourite song” should be easy right? I can think of a thousand songs I hate, well actually, no I can’t, I tend to forget the stuff I don’t like. I could pick one of a million, disposable, auto-tuned, derivative piles of steaming manure, but that would be lazy and meaningless. I really don’t have one song that I’d honour with this title, but the one song I seem to hear once a day at least at the moment, and actually makes me angry enough to turn the radio off, rises above all the memorably hateful stuff.

Your Least Favourite Song

My least favourite song at the moment is by that inexplicably popular, Tesco Value Primal Scream of a band, Kasabian. If you know me and are reading this you know my views on these guys. It’s called “Where Did All the Love Go?” from the pompously titled “West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum”. It’s another wonderful example of their inability to write a coherent song. Disjointed, jarring and seemingly composed of two separate songs, pasted together because they couldn’t finish either.

Listening to it, the first thing that’s apparent, and annoying is the fact that the drum loop at the beginning isn’t even cut right. It doesn’t loop properly, that continues for the whole song and it angers the hell out of me. The second is Tom Meighan’s bloody voice. I don’t know what he’s trying to achieve but he sounds like a 16 year old who’s voice has barely broken trying to be Liam Gallagher, another prick who’s voice I can’t stand. The backing vocals are irritating as well, ugh: “meeugh meeugh meeugh”.

Then the lyrics, pretentious and generally twaddle, here’s an example:

Never took a punch
In the ribcage sonny?
Never met a soul
Who had no shrine
Keep this all in your mind
And get inside my window

What do we become
Trying to kill each other?
You’re faking it son
Gonna get you tonight
I suck another breath
To the hearts of the Revolution
‘Cos it still ain’t right

“Get inside my window”?! Is that some kind of cryptic euphemism? Ridiculous, and I won’t even go to the grammar place… I also take umbrage at the fact that he called me sonny, twat. The whole song is monotonous, whiny and just simply dull, dull, dull. The middle-8 sounds like a one-finger melody a year 8 student came up with for his music project by vaguely following a scale chart… The fact that it was released as a single amazes me.

Ugh, just ugh. I’ve just made myself angry as well by listening to it. Any way, if you’re stupid enough to listen to it, it’s here, my current Least Favourite Song:

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