30-Day Song Challenge – Day 1

My friend Ness has convinced me to do this. I hope I can keep it up, as it’s a bit of a commitment for me! Here’s the original idea but the essential premise is to come up with a different song every day for each of the categories.

First up:

Your Favourite Song

Wow, big question. I’ve been putting off starting this because of this stinker of an opener and have thought about this for days. It was very nearly “Screamager” by Therapy? but I’ve decided to keep this one for something else, and there will be a whole post on this album at some point. I guess the song that most moves me, that I would never tire of hearing and that brought real actual tears to my eyes when I saw them play it live, I don’t even know the subject of. It’s not even written in a real language as far as I know. Sigur Rós tend to write songs in a mixture of Icelandic and a made-up language called “Hopelandic”, and thus, it’s difficult to gauge what they are singing about. Sæglópur translates to “Lost at Sea”, which is almost exactly what was going through my mind when I first heard it, oblivious of the translation. I can’t describe how this song makes me feel, there aren’t words for it, but I do know it is the most beautiful piece of music I’ve ever heard. The video is traumatic to watch, but here it is, enjoy:

Sigur RósSæglópur

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