Now They Have Their Claws in the Government

Not our government, but I just read this on CNET. It seems that even down-with-the-kids best-thing-since-sliced-Clinton Barack Obama is being duped by the bullshit. You can almost smell an economy based on dishonesty and the fear of losing those businesses that line their pockets with silver. Seems he wasn’t so different after all. The worrying term used here is “agressively protect”. What that seems to conjure up in my mind is the fact that they’re more interested in protecting the poorly defined “intellectual property” than the civil liberties of it’s people.

Call me left wing, but this stinks, what needs to happen is a better definition of terms, a reform of the copyright laws, not defending outdated notions from behind a brick wall with a sharp stick. It’s all a bit old-fashioned.

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