Soundcloud and my crap

Soundcloud is bloody awesome. If you don’t know what it is, follow the link and get involved. I guess it’s a bit like Flickr but for musicians. Any way, I’ll link to the crap I’ve been putting up there. Basically, having been in loads of bands over the years as a drummer, I’m getting a bit bored of taking things too seriously. I’ve decided to start making music that isn’t remotely serious. My current project 8-Bit Ninjas is essentially a sort of chiptune inspired electroclash, rock mashup. If it hasn’t already been coined, I’m stealing chipclash, you heard it here first. I’ll post my stuff up here. Remember, I’m doing this to make music for people to dance to at venues, purely in defiance of the plethora of drab indie-rock-drawl that I hear week-in week-out at places…

I do write original tunes, but first up, my stab at terrifying pop harpy Lady Gaga, here I give you, Pokemon Face:

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