August Magic Mix Tape

I’m going to create a mixtape every month. I’d love to actually make a real tape, but this is the Internet, the logistics aren’t really workable… Short of a better method (suggestions welcomed) I’m going to use I think I’ll loosely theme them. This month, as it’s the end of summer, I’ll keep it fairly upbeat. I’d also like to show off some stuff you may have heard, but if you haven’t, I think you should. This includes Blank Dogs, Deerhoof, Metric, Metronomy and The Whitest Boy Alive amongst others. All stuff I’ve been introduced to over the last six months or so and become very fond of.

First up we have Blank Dogs with Tin Birds. I’ve already written a little bit about Blank Dogs. I’m very fond of him indeed. now I have no idea what he’s singing about in this song as it’s almost unintelligible. Musically however, it’s wonderful. Like a vaguely upbeat, lo-fi Joy Division or New Order crossed with the filthiness of Sparklehorse.

Next Deerhoof – Gore in Rut. These guys are a four-piece from San Francisco and have been around since the mid-90s. Words that I can think of to describe them… Don’t know, chaotic, volatile, noisy, unpredictable but even so, cathartic. This song starts with an amusingly amateurish drum-roll into a wall of squealing, distorted guitars, and over the top, this sublimely cute refrain of “bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny”. it appears to be about a monster-rabbit. Who knows… Deerhoof are however, very awakening.

Track three is Dead Disco by Metric. Another band it’s taken me 6 years to discover. Their first album was released in 2003, which is where this track is from. This is a lovely synthy-indie dancey track that’s in the same league as the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs but a tighter sound. Despite being in a minor key, it’s nice and uplifting, and not too serious!

Metronomy should be massive. Their second album, Nights Out is easily my favourite album of 2008. Minimal production and bizarre vintage synths, along with clever little bass and guitar hooks that are almost out of tune, and clever minimal drumming. It’s absolutely wonderful, and the live show is also incredible. This song is one of so many awesome songs on the album, it’s called A Thing for Me, and it’s simply brilliant.

The rest, I’m not going to waffle on about, you should just listen for yourself.

August Magic Mix Tape

  1. Blank Dogs – Tin Birds
  2. Deerhoof – Gore in Rut
  3. Metric – Dead Disco
  4. Metronomy – A Thing for Me
  5. The Whitest Boy Alive – 1517
  6. Cloetta Paris – Secret Eyes
  7. Rex the Dog – Circulate
  8. Simian Mobile Disco – Tits & Acid
  9. Aphex Twin – Windowlicker
  10. Filthy Dukes – This Rhythm
  11. !!! – Yadnus
  12. Cancer Bats – Firecrack This

You can get to it here:

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