I’m having a bloody terrible day. Auditors really starting to annoy me now, I’m hungry, tired and it’s pissing it down. So decided today to opt for more comfort food for two reasons, one, I’m bloody miserable and two, Gregg’s is the closest place to walk to in the rain. So I give you: The Impromptu, Stodgy, Dead-Bad-For-You Gregg’s Three-Course Banquet!

This consisted of a starter of fine seasoned succulent pork mince, wrapped delicately in all butter puff pastry, hand-rolled by er… (actually don’t want to think about what may have prepared it in Walsall). Accurately dubbed the “Sausage Roll”. A standard salty pork fest. Top norris.

For main course we have the pièce de résistance, the all-new Gregg’s “Fajita Chicken Lattice”. This is a new addition to the Gregg’s arsenal of coronary delights. Now I must say, it tastes splendid. It’s difficult to peer into the slime inside and make out what’s actually in it, but it seems to be made mostly of some kind of orange paste. I’m guessing, both from experience and my taste-buds that this consists of some kind of excuse for cheese, paprika, cumin, chili powder and possibly some excuse for peppers and onions somewhere. Of the chicken… Well, I don’t recall sensing any. There may have been some deep in the slurry, but it was also volcanically hot, so I’ll never know. All in all, as tasty as a Gregg’s pasty gets! Nom

For dessert we have the standard Gregg’s Peperoni pizza. This is the first time I’ve had a peperoni one from there. I normally just have the cheese pizza. What did the peperoni add to the dry, chewy, tomato paste-laden slice of unpleasantness? Well it added saltiness. So now its a dry, chewy, tomato paste-laden slice of salty unpleasantness. Not impressed.

Also, it’s Friday and thus, project:Adonis weigh in day:

project:Adonis weight: 14st 12lb

So, I’ve gon nowhere this week. Hardly surprising though considering I’ve been eating crap constantly…

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