Luncheon 01/07/09

Another mad busy day so I write this as I chow down on another Tesco special. Today we have 8 Chicken Nuggets and a ‘Seafood Cocktail’ sandwich. Also Tropicana pomegranate, grape and apple.

Well the chicken nuggets are ace, and now in a box so they don’t go soggy like they used to. I’m sure they’re full of salt and dreaful for me. ‘Seafood Cocktail’, hmm… An interesting claim. It appeared to be some minced up seafood sticks and a prawn (one prawn) in some slime. Now, I told you what was in seafood sticks before. I’m not sure what I was expecting from this sandwich but it was like eating somebody’s chilled snot… Nasty. I had images in my head of succulent prawns, chunks of crayfish, of salmon flakes and tuna, maybe even some smoked mackerel fillet. I think the heat must be messing with my mind.

Since I began writing this, one of the boys walked in with an ice-lolly for everyone. Splendid! So I had a rocket shaped lolly that tasted of… er… Disinfectant. But it was nonetheless very refreshing in this very warm afternoon. Sadly, I can no long taste anything after the severe chilling and massacring of my tastebuds, so i’ll never know what my juice tasted like. It seemed warm though so not entirely pleasant.

Enjoy your luncheon!

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