Luncheon 13/02/08

Today I thought I’d go a bit unconventional. All morning, I’ve been craving hummus, don’t know why but I have. So I thought I’d get some. What goes well with hummus I thought? Well bread of course! Hummus and bread. That could get a bit bland methinks, so I also got a bag of southern fried chicken strips and a smoothie. Here is what it looks like:

Oddly on the packaging, it was spelt houmous. I’ve never seen it spelt like that anywhere before. I’ve seen hummus and humus, but never houmous. Even the Firefox spellchecker agrees with me…

Here’s how to make some hummus:


125g dried chickpeas soaked over night
Juice and zest of one lemon
2 tbsp of sesame paste (also known as tahini)
2 peeled cloves of garlic
100ml Olive oil
salt and pepper to season

Cook the chickpeas in unsalted boiling water for about an hour or until tender. It’s important that you don’t salt the water as, for some magical reason, the chickpeas never soften otherwise. Drain them and allow them to cool. Whack everything in a blender or food processor and wazz it till its smooth. If you like it smoother, add some water. I like it chunky though =]

Hummus is really good with grilled chicken breast in pitta bread with some roasted veg like onions and peppers and courgettes and maybe a little spinach. Enjoy!

Also, last night I went for that curry, and I must say Quinton Balti is one of the finest Indian Restaurants I’ve ever been to. the food was excellent! For starter I had an invention called the Nargis Kebab, essentially this is a tandoori scotch egg. It some lovely tandoori keema (lamb mince) covering a whole boiled egg with a small omelette draped over the top. It was most special! I also had some kind of bhuna with chicken and paneer in it. Top Norris!

EDIT: I just found this and had to share: Nargis Kebab Appreciation Society

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