Luncheon 12/02/08

Today I made myself a boring salad with rocket, tomatoes and cucumber and some Sainsbury’s organic French dressing (I know I should be making my own!). I couldn’t be bothered last night to prepare any carbohydrates to eat. Which means I’m now absolutely starving. I’ve also eaten today a banana, a carrot, a bunch of grapes and a yoghurt. Therefore, all day peeing and still not full! At least tonight I’m going for a curry at the Quinton Balti, should be ace, I’ve heard very good things about it. So hungry I even sneaked a bag of Flaming Hot Monster Munch from uncle Parm’s Magic Tuck Shop, very bad indeed!

In fact, all I’ve been thinking about for the last three hours has been curry. I love curry, such a genius invention. I’m going to make one next week I think. I’m off to Wales from Thursday so I won’t be updating you till I get back, however I will make sure I keep a note of all of the tasty treats I consume.

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