Well I bleedin’ didn’t did I?

No, I managed not to keep it up-to-date whatsoever, so here’s a new year’s one now I’m back at work. Today, I ate leftover pasta bolognese that my browd made two days ago. I reheated it in the microwave at work and it was tasty, if not a little not filling… But that’s ok! for I am now part of project:Adonis! Yes that’s right ladies! these love handles? Say goodbye! They’re going! From now on, we’re eating healthily. Yes, I know that may sound silly, but there’s only so much pork a man can eat before becoming porcine himself. On that note, an aside, watch this:

Sadly, no photo today, I need to work out how to set my phone up to email again cos the blue teeth on my PC need to see a dentist. So, imagine the following: succulent conchigli pasta with a thin coating of tasty tomato, basil and oregano. A hint of garlic and beautifully juicy red onions and finally, the finest minced steak browned off, all mixed together with Collier’s Welsh mature cheddar…

project:Adonis weight: 14st 3lb

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