Luncheons 15/01/08 and 16/01/08

Well the last two days have been pretty dull. I had a large quantity of tuna and sweetcorn I’d made up for my tea on Tuesday so I’ve been having that on sarnies with a yoghurt and a carrot. Nothing worth taking a photo of…

I will however share with you a marvellous use for a tin of tuna if you’re in a bit of a rush:

Take your tuna in your favourite format, be it in brine, oil, springwater or even fresh and empty into a bowl. Take a similar quantity of sweetcorn, I find the tinned stuff is perfectly acceptable, and empty into said bowl. Apply a couple of generous teaspoons of your mayonnaise of choice and an equal quantity of your ketchup of choice (instant marie-rose sauce). Season as you would to taste. Give it a wee beating till its all mixed up. While this is going on, have a couple of pieces of toast going in your toaster, and your grill heating up. When your toast is popped and your tuna is sufficiently mixed, apply a 10mm layer of tuna-sweetcorn mix to your newly toasted toast. Generously grate some some medium-mature cheddar cheese over the top, maybe a splash of Worcester sauce and slide it under the grill until the cheese starts to brown.

One of the best uses of tinned tuna going in my opinion. Of course one could tweak the recipe, maybe add some red onion or a chopped yellow pepper to the mix. Maybe add a spot of Tobasco for a bit of zing. You could use Brie instead of cheddar, the possibilities are endless!

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