Luncheon 18/01/08

Well, I was meant to be going for a pub lunch but I was stood up. Won’t go into that. Also, it was raining and no-one likes the rain. SO I went as far as Boots for the £2.95 luncheon. I had the pack of three Chicken themed sarns, a bag of carrots and a tasty ‘Innocent’ Smoothie. Well, the smoothie was good… The sarn-pack contained Chicken Salad, Chicken and Sweetcorn and Chicken and Bacon. Chicken Salad, well, it had tomatoes on, and we all know my opinions on tomatoes in sarnies now don’t we? Well, of course it was a sloppy, watery tasteless mess. Chicken and sweetcorn… Or should it be called mayonnaise with a strip of chicken and some sourcorn? Horrible. Chicken and Bacon was OK, but only because the bacon tasted nice. Basically, it was a crap pack of sandwiches. Then the bag of carrots. I don’t know how you get carrots wrong, but they did. tasteless watery little sticks of crunch that they were. At least the smoothie didn’t let me down! I can’t actually remember what it was but it was orange in colour and had something called goji berries in it… I didn’t think it was worth a photo…

Oh yeah, and project:Adonis is going really well, lost another 2lb!

project:Adonis weight: 14st 0lb

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