Luncheon 17/01/08

Today I decided to trek across town and get a salad box from Morrisons. Now, salad wasn’t a thing they really researched when creating the choices for this so called Salad Bar. My Collins English Dictionary defines salad as the following:

Salad: n a dish of raw vegetables, often served with a dressing, eaten as a separate course or as part of a main course.”

In fact, in French, which is where the word comes from, le salade means lettuce. Oddly enough, when searching for a definition of salad in Google I got this:

“Salad was a UK-based pop group that included vocalist/keyboardist Marijne van der Vlugt, bassist Pete Brown, drummer Rob Wakeman, and guitarist Paul Kennedy. “

There certainly wasn’t any of the latter in the Salad Bar! In fact, there weren’t many of the former in there either! There was some limp, browning iceberg lettuce, some cherry tomatoes, some grated carrot, beetroot and cucumber. The rest was pure carbs and fat. All sorts of pasta nonsense drenched in oil-rich sauces, and cous-cous full of fried veg. Don’t get me wrong, I had loads and it was really good, but salad it ain’t. The term salad is bandied about a lot and seriously misused. Like the above said, salad is a collection of raw fruit and veg, or a UK based pop group, not a cold pasta dish!

However, it was really good, I had all sorts of weird and wonderful creamy pasta thing. I’m sure I had my daily calorie intake in one go right there, but it was really tasty!

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