Luncheon 11/01/08

Ah Friday… Usually the realm of the Friday Special in the canteen, but alas not this week. So JD and I ventured down to the Varsity in town for a bit of two-for-a-fiver action. I had the ‘Smoked Haddock and Spring Onion Fish Cakes’ which came with chips and peas. Standard. It looked like this:

Well, let me see… It could have been good. Even for Brake Brothers generic reheatable pub crap, it could have been good. However, there just isn’t any passion in these pub kitchens any more. The fish cakes were overcooked, deep-fried in dirty oil that was too cold. The upshot of which being sloppy greasy fishcakes that tasted a bit of burnt. The chips were once freshly cooked I believe, when they got to me they were lukewarm and chewy like they’d been on a hot plate for an hour. Nasty. And the peas again… Oh Lord, how hard can it be to cook a pea? Again, overcooked, anaemic, tasteless balls of horrible… I bet the kitchen staff are all budding chefs as well in their brains. Amateurs. Even the plates were cold. The superfluous wedge of dry lemon was a lovely finishing touch, couldn’t even be arsed to add the usual bit of chopped parsley garnish. However, for £2.50, one can’t complain too loudly, it was a bargain! Can’t say as it fitted in with the diet but I’m allowed a little indulgence as long as I work it off!

Oh yes, weigh in day! I managed to drop another pound. Must try harder next week!

project:Adonis weight: 14st 2lb

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