Luncheon 09/01/08

First of all, who the hell voted for sweetmeats?! Do you even know what that is?

Any way, to luncheon. Well today, I was supposed to meeting big, hairy Pete. Well actually, I was supposed to meet him yesterday, but I forgot my wallet. So we rescheduled to today. At 10.30AM I sent him a reminder, I know how useless he is at timekeeping. Anyhoo, at 12 o’clock, I gave him a ring. After some mumbling and unintelligible rambling, I ascertained that he was still in bed… So there went that plan out of the window! Well done Pete =]

So, I decided to give into the peer pressure and head to Subway… Therein I ordered an Italian BMT footlong on Oaty Stoatey Scrotey bread or something, with some salads and sweet Chilli sauce oh and something they call cheese. It wasn’t bad, pretty sloppy but essentially very meaty! Ham, salami and pastrami, so the whole thing was made of porks! My favourite! Here it is in all its glory:

It was pretty tasty but I ended up with one end of my sarnie being a big sloppy mess of sauce which was a little bit oo sweet and spicy to be very nice. It was a ridiculous amount of money as well, £4.70! I won’t be frequenting it… For pudding, I had a bag of BBQ Mini Cheddars. I love BBQ Mini Cheddars, they’re amazing. When I was at uni, I’d buy a multi pack and eat the lot while I was doing bits of coursework. Sooooo sweet and BBQey and nice!

Right, back to work. I’m documenting boring stuff again so it looks like I’m not doing any work cos the stats say so, while in fact I’m doing stuff with other people and not getting any credit for it. Going to watch I Am Legend later. Hit and miss from what I’ve heard. I shall maybe do a little review later, maybe not…

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