Luncheon 08/01/08

Today, I did get up in time to make some lunch. I made my self two rather splendid ham baps. Just ham? I hear you cry. No! Not just ham, upon the baps was also watercress and coleslaw. I must say, it was a most tasty sandwich! I love watercress, why would anyone bother with bland iceberg when you can have something so tasty as watercress? Oh watercress, will you marry me? I find it goes very well with some ham, salami and mustard. However, if you don’t have watercress then pea-shoots are very tasty or rocket. NEVER EAT LOLLO ROSSO! It is the lettuce of Satan himself. Anyway, I know you’re dying to see a picture:

Aren’t they great? Doesn’t the fluorescent Tupperware lid just set them off against my beech desk and Dell Midnight Grey keyboard? I also had (not pictured here) some very fine cherry tomatoes and a Granny Smith so powerful it nearly melted my face. I have two tangerines for later too.

I’ve also come up with an ingenious way of having breakfast, so amazing you will not be able to comprehend the multifaceted complications of this amazingly diverse cognitive conundrum! I’ve brought a box of porridge to work! Yes, yes, I know, how did I come up with it? What lateral, out-of-the-box thinking could possibly have delivered such serendipity? Sometimes, I shock myself… So I’ll be on the porridge in the mornings. I must say, having eaten brekkie today, I feel quite awake, and my concentration hasn’t really dropped for a change! Go breakfast!

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