Luncheon 07/01/08

Today, I was going to make a lovely salad to bring with me. However, I managed to sleep through the dulcet tones of Chris Moyles, wailing in my ear for 45 minutes, and awoke 15 minutes before I had to be at work. Therefore, I made a little trip to Tesco to see what they had on offer in the way of salady things. The answer was a large quantity, but bugger all that looked very nice. I decided upon the least offensive of the salads, which was the aptly named: ‘Tuna & Sweetcorn Pasta’

Bearing in mind, this was the nice looking one, here is what it looked like once opened:

My thoughts? A bit like macaroni with cat sick on it… After a little mixing, I managed to get rid of the idea of feline vomit and set to work. Actually, it wasn’t too bad at all. The strange mayonnaise based sauce was oddly sweet with a strange spicy kick at the back which I put down to pepper. Started to get a bit sickly after about four forkfulls but I was ravenous. What I did think worked well was the combination of sweet sauce with the salty tuna. I’m a big advocate of the sweet-salty combo, I feel it’s underused. My favourite sweet-salty combo is the sweet and salty popcorn mix when viewing a film. The people at the cinema think you’re a loony, ignore them, its amazing! Also to go with it (not pictured here) was some kind of ‘Innocent Smoothie’ knock-off called ‘I Am Fresh’. I read the label as Apple and Mango, it was in fact Apple and Mango and Lime. It was quite strange but not entirely unpleasant. I don’t think the lime works though really.

Other fun things to note, I have run out of Sainsbury’s Choco Snaps. This has made me very angry, not least because there weren’t any in Sainsbury’s yesterday! Instead of an evening bowl of Choco Snaps, I decided to do some Marmite on toast. Alas! No bleeding Marmite either! So I peeled me a carrot and that was my evening snack. What’s up doc etc…

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