Luncheon 04/01/08

Today, as it was pay day, we took a little trip to the most local pub to my office, The Wharf. Therein I ate the a la carte Bangers and Mash:

It wasn’t bad. The slaninis were pretty tasty, full of herbs and in the Lincolnshire style. The gravy was good, rich and possibly a touch of red wine… The mash tasted pretty good but is was blatantly reheated. Slightly annoying as the edge bits had gone a little rubbery. The peas were nasty, half of them were raw and half of them were overcooked. They all looked anaemic. A reasonable effort, I’ll forgive the mash as its hard to cook to order when the clientèle is as spurious as it is at that end of town. However, peas? Frozen peas take about 35 seconds to cook in boiling water, using precooked peas and mixing with uncooked peas is a pretty poor show. £4.75? A little overpriced I feel, £3.50 would have been reasonable. Oh and can’t forget the unreasonably priced flat lager!

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