Cereal Drought Over

Hurray! I managed to get some Choco Snaps on the way home from band rehearsal today! I’ve just contently munched through a bowl and am now fulfilled! However, I forgot to stock up on Marmite, so I shall have a little sulk about that.

I’ve just been watching ‘Hugh’s chicken run’ on Channel 4 and I think the next episode will upset me. What annoys me are the people who whinge and moan about not being able to eat free range food because its too expensive. Fair enough, it costs a load extra if you buy from Tesco, but if you get off your fat arse and went to the butcher’s you’d find that there’s a whole world of tasty cheap cuts of meat that were reared humanely and cost you a whole lot less than Tescos! Try quitting smoking and spending the family allowance on biscuits first! I can go to a butcher near me and buy a whole roll of pork leg joint for £10. That roll of pork can easily be cut in two and feed two families of six, and have spare for a tasty sarnie, maybe with some mustard or horseradish. The same cut of meat, a quarter the size, injected with water and preservatives, shrink wrapped and refrigerated for a week, before it even gets to the shelves from Tesco would cost you about £12. No wonder these stupid people think they can’t afford food, it’s because they’re too bloody lazy to shop around! And that’s not even a cheap cut, you can get 2 lb of steak mince in most butcher’s for about £2, two massive pieces of shoulder steak for about £3, that’d make a casserole big enough for about 6 or 8 people if you did a lot of mash with it. It’s just pure laziness. I hope a whole lot of people watch this program and see just how horrific it is to battery farm animals. Cheap meat is not worth it, if you choose to ignore the suffering and continue buying Asda Smart Price chicken, you’re an arsehole.

Rant over, sorry. On a lighter note, I just found out that these exist from one of my favourite websites: Snackspot.org.uk…

New Nobby’s Nuts Flavour

I can’t wait to have a go on these babies!

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